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Cornwall is famed for its world renowned beaches which make it a surfing haven in the UK as well as one of the leading holiday destinations in the UK.

With castle ruins and old tin mines dotted throughout the county, the history in Cornwall is something that is to be celebrated alongside the changing scenery and local produce.

We are also just a short flight or boat journey away from the stunning Isles of Scilly. Come and work for the NHS in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

We are making a difference. We are the NHS
We are the NHS: then, now, always
Live 1000 Lives. We are the NHS

Our recruitment team are here to help you whatever your NHS profession, level or interest. You can contact the recruitment team on 01872 255755 (option 2) or email The team are based at The Beacon building on the Royal Cornwall Hospital site in Truro. If you are a doctor and interested in specific medical staffing roles, please contact us on 01872 255755 (option 3) or email

Flexible Workers

We also offer a wide range of jobs for flexible workers. Our in-house agency, Kernowflex, helps staff to find the best work pattern to fit around their lifestyle. It also gives access to training, NHS pension and life assurance, statutory maternity and sick pay, and paid annual leave. The Kernowflex team can be contacted on 01872 255755.

Cornwall NHS Reserves

NHS England and NHS Improvement define a reservist as someone who is passionate about patient care, working with diverse teams, and who can help the NHS during peak times and emergencies. They include:

  • former healthcare professionals
  • those working outside the NHS with limited healthcare experience
  • those currently working as part of a vaccination team or hub
  • those considering a career change and interested in working for the NHS.

Being a reservist could be a great way to experience the range of NHS career opportunities that suit an individual’s lifestyle and circumstances.

Those who choose to become reservists will be part of a paid, flexible yet reliable workforce who will be given thorough training relevant to their role. That forms part of a comprehensive induction process and prepares them to support local hospitals, health clinics or GP surgeries.

Reservists will be required to fulfil a specific number of days per year for training and working. The number of days will vary by trust, but it will be approximately 20-30 days per year.

NHS reservists will be paid in line with the role they are doing.

To read more about the national programme please visit:

For more information on NHS Reservist opportunities in Cornwall please email:

Employability schemes

The Cornwall health and social care system runs a couple of employability schemes that help people improve their chances of being shortlisted for jobs in the health and care sector. Depending on your age you can be offered the one that you fit the criteria for. The programme is voluntary, which means it is unpaid for a period of time but can lead into employment. Depending on your circumstances we can offer you different alternatives:

  • A 3-day virtual training programme that tells you about the NHS and how it works which includes lots of different speakers who come along to talk about their different jobs and the entry requirements and career progression opportunities. The course also includes job searching, writing a good application and interview skills. It may be that this is all you need.

However, we can also offer you a work placement which can lead onto an offer of employment. Part of the placement is unpaid and part of it is paid, how long the unpaid part is depends on which programme you are eligible for.

  • Get into Health and Care is an employability programme that can be accessed by young people 16-30. This includes 2 weeks training and a 2-week work placement in either the health sector or in social care. If this is successful it can increase the persons knowledge and experience and lead onto paid work.
  • Step Into Work is another employability scheme which as aimed at people who are 19+ and are in receipt of work-related benefits. This also includes 2 weeks training but is followed by a 6-week placement which can also lead onto paid employment

If you are interested in any of these schemes please contact or

Junior Doctors

You can find out more about working as a junior doctor in Cornwall in our dedicated postgraduate section.

Our agency partnership terms

The Trust’s main priority is to provide the highest quality of care to our patients. To ensure that we achieve this priority we are firmly committed to using only NHS approved framework agencies and reducing our reliance on costly agency workers in compliance with NHS Improvement Agency Rules.

Page last reviewed: 31 March 2023

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