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Working together to improve NHS staff experiences

The survey is one of the largest workforce surveys in the world and is carried out every year to improve staff experiences across the NHS. The survey is aligned to the NHS People Promise.

The survey offers a snapshot in time of how people experience their working lives, gathered at the same time each year.


Each Autumn between September and the end of November.


Everyone who works at RCHT and anyone working in the NHS in England is invited to take part in the NHS Staff Survey.

Benefits and uses

Its strength is in capturing a national picture alongside local detail, enabling a range of organisations to understand what it is like for staff across different parts of the NHS and work to make improvements. It is used by:

  • Each of ours teams to understand and improve the experience we have when we come to work.
  • Ourselves as a Trust and other NHS Trusts to track staff views over time and inform actions towards better staff experience and better patient care
  • the Care Quality Commission in their annual review of performance of all NHS Trusts
  • by the Pay Review Bodies as evidence in making their pay recommendations
  • by NHS Employers to inform its work programme to support NHS Trusts as employers
  • by Department of Health to develop workforce policy and to measure progress towards freeing up staff to provide services that work

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