Pulse survey

What is the pulse check survey?

Pulse survey logo: your voice counts

It is not enough to just listen to staff once a year, so we developed the Pulse Survey. The Pulse Survey acts as a touch point throughout the year to provide feedback and let us know your views. The survey contains a smaller number of questions that complement the annual National Staff Survey.

What happens with the information?

We want themes, thanks, and concerns shared to the most appropriate level. Comments are themed and shared with the executives to support action across the trust. For comments specific to Care Groups these are shared directly with the triumvirate to help support action locally.

To provide the best and most useful insight the data provided is turned into a dashboard which represents the overall feeling of the trust and can be broken down to care group and specialty level to help Care Group Triumvirates understand how staff are feeling in each quarter. 

The information provided is used locally in performance reviews, some of the information from the Pulse Survey also gets reported as trust specific Key performance Indicators and nationally.

If you have any questions please contact: rcht.odteam@nhs.net

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